Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coca-cola image promotion strategy

I have just found an interesting story talking about the way that Coca-cola develops its trademark and brand advocacy. The story has gained much coverage in public is the case involving Coca-cola and the a well-known Second Life content creator, Vint Falken. Coke themed outfit was made by Vint. The use of registered trademarks on an unauthorized basis has been the most prominent to date and created much discussion about this. The outfit, available to buy in SL, was also promoted in SLexchange (a website for retailer in SL). The outfit has been embedded Coca-cola trademark on purse, necklace, double layered prim skirt, top (worn as a jacket) and a bottle of Evian. This is very new and interesting way to advocate Coca-cola brand image for consumers.

So is this a sign that the real-world brands are simply giving up trying to police their brands in virtual worlds? There are many strategies that giant corporations use to polish their brands. This activity that Coke applies is new and potentially developing in the next coming years. In this case, Coca-cola has made a smart move. They have understood that allowing residents to work with their brands will bear far greater opportunities than if they prevented brand usage. Coke works hard to promote their brand in the real world and now utilize other options for their brand to be extended virtually by other people which is a very productive strategy.


Among soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew or Dr. Peppers, I still do favor Coke or Pepsi:-). Which brandname do you pick?

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